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Modern RFID labels these days are often referring specifically designed and manufactured RFID adhesive backed tags or stickers.

In each RFID tag is a chip, antenna and usually the material those items are adhered to, these three items are often referred to as the inlay. RFID tags and labels incorporate the inlays into the tag construction during the converting process adding additional materials for protection and functionality along with print and graphics to help identify, match and, perhaps, brand the the tag for the company for which they were produced.

Contactless cards (like Mifare1K, 4K, Ultralight, ICode, Hitag1/2 etc), we would be able schedule into our existing production schedule and provide our customers with a very attractive off-the-shelf pricing.

Contactless readers for transponder tags and cards. From simple balance readers, handheld readers to readers connected to computers via RS232/Weigand, outdoor readers, We manufacture readers and customize them according to your requirements. Customization ranging from external packaging to firmware details.

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IT32A ID Card

The antistatic manufacturing plant provides high-performance and high-quality literacy equipment .for the global outstanding RFID applying companies.

  • RFID Inventory Management

  • RFID Access Control

  • RFID Hospital Management

  • RFID Event Management

  • RFID Manufacturing/WIP Solution

  • RFID Parking Control

  • RFID Asset Management

  • RFID Library Management

  • RFID Field Service Management

  • RFID Fleet & Vehicle Management 

  • RFID Supply Chain Management

  • RFID Animal & Live Stock Management




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