We design, engineer, and manufacture industry-standard card and inlays in different form factors (clear, epoxy, glass, and molded) for a wide range of applications in LF, HF, and UHF. Explore our assortment of RFID tags card in the latest solutions and applications.




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RFID Blank Card for Printer LF HF UHF

We provide leading-edge technology and superior production processes, the rfid blank card for Zebra card printer offers extended lifespan and meeting ISO standards for thickness, these durable cards are made of high-quality PVC to be strong, yet flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking.

Additionally, they feature a printable PVC surface with a glossy finish.

The product is convenient to process with all Zebra card printers.

Why Choose Our RFID White Blank Cards?

Durable, High quality printing.
Unmatched lock interrogation features for security.
Never need to replace worn cards. RFID cards never wear out due to continual “swipes.”
Safer and more convenient than conventional key cards.
Newest generation of RFID technologies available for your lock, including LF, HF (NFC), and UHF.
Generic or Custom Printing

Full Color Custom Cards available with your Brand Standard.
Excellent Lead Time.
500 – 1,000,000 custom print runs available.
Competitive pricing



1. Materials
PVC, PET, ABS, PET-G, etc.
2. Size
CR80 (85.5*54*0.84mm) or Customized
3. Chip Available
TK4100, EM4200, Hitag2, F08, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE 4K, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire EV1, I CODE SLI, Alien H3, Alien H4, Monza 4/5/6, etc.
4. Protocal
ISO11784/ ISO14443A/ ISO15693/ IS18000-6B/ EPC C1 GEN2
5. Frequency
6. Crafts
Barcode, Scratch off panel, Signature panel, Spray number, Laser number, Embossing, etc.
7. Encode
8. ID Number Printing
Jet dot printing/ Thermo transfer/ Laser engrave
9. Surface
Frosted/Glossy/Matte Finishing
10. Printing Options
Full color offset printing, Silk-screen printing, etc.


Compatible With Most Printer

Zebra Printer
TEC Printer
SATO Printer
WEWIN Printer
Magicard Printer
Fargo Printer
Datacard Printer
Evolis Printer
JVC Printer
IST Printer
HITI Printer
SEAORY Printer
And Others

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RFID Printers

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RFID Readers


IT32A ID Card



The antistatic manufacturing plant provides high-performance and high-quality literacy equipment .for the global outstanding RFID applying companies.

  • RFID Inventory Management

  • RFID Access Control

  • RFID Hospital Management

  • RFID Event Management

  • RFID Manufacturing/WIP Solution

  • RFID Parking Control

  • RFID Asset Management

  • RFID Library Management

  • RFID Field Service Management

  • RFID Fleet & Vehicle Management 

  • RFID Supply Chain Management

  • RFID Animal & Live Stock Management





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