Dedicated to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data collection, Unified Barcode & RFID, Inc. understands how to improve business efficiencies while reducing operating costs. As trained professionals in RFID, Unified Barcode & RFID can recommend products and solutions based on your needs.




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One of leading manufacturer supplier for RFID Products with nearly 10 years experience. Currently we are specialized in producing and marketing RFID/PVC Card, RFID Tag, RFID Reader, which are popularly used for Access Control, NFC Payment,    Time attendance, Parking management and so on.

For RFID/PVC Cards, we can supply magnetic strip cards, barcode card, contact chip card, abnormity PVC card, LF/HF/UHF Card, combo card and so on. For all of these cards, we can do customized printing, designing and free sample available for test.

For RFID Tag, we can supply RFID keyfobs, RFID wristband, RFID paper tag, RFID nfc tag, RFID epoxy tag, RFID metal tag and so on. Customized printing is available.

For RFID Reader, we can supply LF 125KHZ Reader, HF 13.56mhz Reader, UHF 860-960Mhz reader. We have ever done some projects such as member management, parking management, warehouse management, and marathon timing. Free SDK will be offered for further development.

All these years, we always uphold the working principle of “trust top, high quality, Prompt Response and considerate service” to our clients.

Contactless cards (like Mifare1K, 4K, Ultralight, ICode, Hitag1/2 etc), we would be able schedule into our existing production schedule and provide our customers with a very attractive off-the-shelf pricing.

Contactless readers for transponder tags and cards. From simple balance readers, handheld readers to readers connected to computers via RS232/Weigand, outdoor readers, We manufacture readers and customize them according to your requirements. Customization ranging from external packaging to firmware details.

RFID Scanners

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IT32A ID Card


The antistatic manufacturing plant provides high-performance and high-quality literacy equipment .for the global outstanding RFID applying companies.

  • RFID Inventory Management

  • RFID Access Control

  • RFID Hospital Management

  • RFID Event Management

  • RFID Manufacturing/WIP Solution

  • RFID Parking Control

  • RFID Asset Management

  • RFID Library Management

  • RFID Field Service Management

  • RFID Fleet & Vehicle Management 

  • RFID Supply Chain Management

  • RFID Animal & Live Stock Management







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