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RFID Inventory Management

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is currently accounting an important position in asset management. It can ,gives visibility of asset life-cycles, brings real-time asset location information, error-free data capture, and the ultimate in efficient asset management processes. Automating management of assets will save your organization labor, time and money.

Access management including:
IT asset tracking
Healthcare asset tracking
Financial asset management
Infrastructure asset management
Enterprise asset management
Public asset management
Office asset management


UHF Flexible Metal Label

UHF Acrylic Metal Asset Tag

Micro RFID UHF Ceramic Tag

Micro UHF On-metal Tag

Micro UHF Ceramic Tag

HF/NFC Tamper Proof Metal Tag

UHF Flexible Metal Tag

Small UHF Metal Asset Tracking Tag

UHF Ceramic Round Metal Tag


RFID Scanners

RFID Printers

RFID Labels

RFID Readers


IT32A ID Card


The antistatic manufacturing plant provides high-performance and high-quality literacy equipment .for the global outstanding RFID applying companies.

  • RFID Inventory Management

  • RFID Access Control

  • RFID Hospital Management

  • RFID Event Management

  • RFID Manufacturing/WIP Solution

  • RFID Parking Control

  • RFID Asset Management

  • RFID Library Management

  • RFID Field Service Management

  • RFID Fleet & Vehicle Management 

  • RFID Supply Chain Management

  • RFID Animal & Live Stock Management






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